Charles Siskin Bebrly...
I went on the sea for a trip.
Unfortunately, I forgot where is my yacht.
Fortunately, my girlfriend knew it.
Unfortunately, the yacht wasn´t there.
Fortunately, I remembered my yacht is in a service.
Unfortunately, it was one mile far from here.
Fortunately, we have our legs healthy.
Unfortunately, it was a very hot weather.
Fortunately, we reached for a target.
Unfortunately, they wanted money in the service.
Fortunately, I had money enough.
Unfortunately, we were thirsty.
Fortunately, we could float for a trip by my yacht, where is a drink.
Unfortunately, there were only spirits.
Fortunately, we like spirits.
Unfortunately, we got drunk.
Fortunately, I am a good driver.
Unfortunately, the weather changed, there were big waves on the sea.
Fortunately, we knew seasickness so we didn´t worry.
Unfortunately, my girlfriend fell down to the sea.
Fortunately, she was a good swimmer.
Unfortunately, some shark appeared near her.
Fortunately, the shark didn´t have any tooths.
Unfortunately, his energy wasn´t ending.
Fortunately, my girlfriend´s energy wasn´t ending too.
Unfortunately, the shark chewed her.
Fortunately, I can find a new girlfriend.
Unfortunately, I was still on the sea.
Fortunately, I knew where is a coast.
Unfortunately, I lost my ship´s screw.
Fortunately, I had a transmitter.
Unfortunately, nobody heard me.
Fortunately, I could swim.
Unfortunately, the shark appeared near me.
Fortunately, he wasn´t hungry.
Unfortunately, the coast was still far from me.
Fortunately, I had strenght power to swim to my rescue.
Unfortunately, my girlfriend´s parents looked for their daughter.
Fortunately, I gave them a message from the first hand.
Unfortunately, they didn´t believe me.
Fortunately, the Police was going around.
Unfortunately, the Police didn´t believe me too.
So I am in a jail.

napsáno někdy v roce  2000, když jsem se učil americky...

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